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Our Team

We Built a Rockin’ Team to Build Rockin’ Homes.

Matt Milar

Owner & Agent

The man behind it all. Matt prepares the troops for battle and will always be found on the front lines.

Terry George

General Contractor

Terry is our equivalent of Bob the Builder. Terry is behind every build, and doesn't stop until the job is done.

Chacyne Carter

Agent & Designer

Chacyne has the designer's eye, and keeps things beautiful. You can thank her when your jaw drops.

Kurtis Bayles


Kurtis oversees everything and makes sure that your ideas and dreams are never compromised. Everything is in the details.

Deven Ransom


You want to get in your home, and so does Deven. No one will work harder at getting you into your home.

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Holly Larsen

Office Manager / AP / AR

Holly is the gate keeper at Lightyear. Holding down the fort and making sure that your build gets done.

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Elsie Arias


All the magic starts with Elsie. Some of your deepest memories will all start with her pencil hitting the paper.

Sean Garrett

Lead Excavator

After a night of dreaming about your family's safety, firm foundations and strong bases are what get Sean up in the morning.

Jon Argyle

Finish Carpenter

Jon is the only member on our team who is allowed to cut corners (as long as the corners are made of wood).