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Is Lightyear Construction a licensed Builder?

Lightyear Construction & Real Estate, LLC. is a Utah licensed small commercial and residential builder. Lightyear Construction & Real Estate, LLC. . is also a member in good standing with the National Association of Home Builders.

How long does it take to build a new custom home?

As a rule of thumb we estimate approximately 150 – 180 days for construction for most of our standard homes. It is difficult to give an exact time frame for the completion of a home. There are many factors that affect the length of construction. Examples of items affecting the length of the construction process: accessibility to the construction site, adverse weather conditions, utility issues, size and configuration of the home, attached garages, basements, hardwood, laminate and/or ceramic floor coverings, change orders, scheduling issues, inspections, and the time of the year, just to mention a few.

Do you provide warranties for your custom home builds?

30 days prior to closing on your new home you will meet with the Warranty Coordinator at Lightyear Construction. The coordinator will review the warranty documentation and discuss setting up your utilities, cable garbage etc. You will receive your home binder including all your warranties, home information and of course the keys to your new home.

Do we get to select building materials, appliances, and finishes?

We have our own Design Center which allows customers to hand select everything. You will be able to customize your home to fit your budget and your tastes.  We will work with you throughout this process to guide you and answer your questions.  We will accompany you as you visit suppliers to make choices if you like.  We also have available an interior decorator who can help you make decisions.

Am I limited to the finishes at the Lightyear Design Center?

Absolutely not. If you find a finish that you like, we will use it. Our design center exists as a tool for our customers, but will never be used to limit them.

How can we find the best floor plan for our new home?

Lightyear Construction has hundreds of plans to choose from if you don’t already have a plan.  We are willing and able to make changes to any house plan to make it fit your personal needs.  We have an excellent drafting service ready and willing to work with you.  If you already have a plan in mind, whether it’s a sketch you made, a draft from the internet or a magazine, or a complete blueprint, we can help you decide how that can be improved to suit you.

How often do we need to visit the construction site after the build begins?
You probably will not have to go to it at all if you don’t want to.  Once you have made your decisions, it’s our job to see that the construction is done correctly.  At the outset we will give you a tentative schedule to give you and idea when specific steps of construction will happen.  From that time on, we will be uploading pictures on MyHome web site to show you exactly what is happening at the building site.  You will be able to access this information at any time and any place!
Will Lightyear ever go over budget on our home build project?

We won’t. Period. We work WITH our clients to keep them on budget. At the beginning of the project we will determine a target range for the construction of your new home. We will develop allowances for each phase, material and finish based on your overall budget.

There is an old carpentry adage: “Measure twice, cut once.” The implication is this: with proper planning, your work will be more accurate. We encourage you to come to our showroom to talk to one of our design professionals. We would love to show you just how much time and energy go into the planning of our clients’ custom home projects. We are fairly certain that this experience will assuage your fears.