Design & Build

We build homes for your needs.


Ready Move-Ins

Sit back and watch the jaws drop. Your home will leave your guests speechless, and that is priceless. Throw your keys on the counter… it’s your’s.



Are you tired of the vending machine blocking the T.V. in the break room? It’s time to stop settling for less. Transform your workplace into a place that works.


Custom Build

Wow… The light is coming through the window just how you imagined it. How did you know that it would make the granite countertop pop like that? Bravo.

See our available homes

Perhaps it could simplify the process for you if we have a home that is finished and available that could possibly suit your needs. For some, that could end up being the easiest way to get into a brand new home. Simply find one that is finished and that meets all of your needs. Lightyear Construction typically keeps some homes in inventory that could help accomplish that for you.

We are a custom home builder

A custom home is a one-of-a kind home that is designed for a specific home-owner and is designed for a specific location. Lightyear construction understands the importance of getting the small details right and how important those “small things” can be in your new home.

We are a production home builder

If you’re a first time home buyer and feel like a custom home builder will cost more money that you can spend, then rest easy. At lightyear construction we have numerous “stock” plans that can be built to meet the budget that you have for your next project. We typically also have some spec homes in inventory and always at a price that is competitive with the box builders.

We design homes

If you have struggled finding a home that meets your needs, then maybe you should consider having one drawn for you. You do not have to settle. You simply can have it all when you design the home that you want. Even better, we can show you your home in 3d.

We are a remodeling firm

Sometimes the question we ask is whether we should move or remodel. Perhaps involving a qualified and expert remodeling firm in your decision can help you ask the right questions and help give you correct answers to help you in your decision. Lightyear Construction has the experience and the expertise to help you make the best decision.

We are a home additions firm

There can come a point in your day to day life when you realize that the home you’ve come to grow and love, no longer fits your needs. The rooms and space aren’t big enough any longer, and it is probably time to ask the hard question. Is it time to move? Perhaps your home’s location is too important, or maybe you have friends near. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes it is better and perhaps even more feasible to add on to the home you hate. Lightyear Construction can help guide you through the process of choosing whether to move or add-on. Sometimes it’s best to involve and expert.

We are a basement finishing firm

Often when you purchase a new home, the basement isn’t finished. There are often visions of grandeur for the space that will someday become your media room, your kids’ toy room, or even a space for your mother-in-law. Lightyear construction can offer you a quality job on your basement space while using qualified and licensed contractors throughout the process to make it so that you’re able to sit back and enjoy your additional space sooner!

We are Utah contractors

Whether your next project is a detached garage, or adding a deck to your backyard, we are a company that is suited to take on your next challenge. At Lightyear Construction, we can offer you solutions to your housing needs. Whether that’s growing or improving what you already have, designing your next home, bidding a custom new home, acquiring the perfect lot, or whatever else you could need done, Lightyear Construction is ready to help you take it on now!