The Difference

Why Lightyear?

We think about value. We think about quality. We think about you.

Builder Trend

An interactive program that we use to assure that the focus is never shifted from what you desire... from what you deserve.

Fast Move-in's

One of our top priorities is to get families into their homes, and we will strive harder than anyone to make that happen for you.

Value You Can Trust

Winners take risks.... but home building isn't a game. No more risks. We promise to give you the value you want for the quality you need.

Workers and Brands

We love details, perfectionists, and nit-pickers. We have the experience to get it done quick, and the brands to get it done right.

Manage the Build

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we are putting you in the driver seat. Builder Trend is a program that we use to make sure that things get done right. Using your home computer or mobile device, you can manage the build and stay up to date on the progress. We will never leave you on the sideline.

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The Lightyear Difference

We work for you. It is as simple as that. We understand budgets, we chase dreams, and our paydays don’t always involve paychecks. Our biggest paydays are when our build is done right in your eyes. We don’t stop until we see you smile.

Builder Trend program

Fast move-in's

Value you can trust

Experienced workers, trusted brands.

Ready to Build Your Dream Home? We Can Help.